How long are the appointments?

 Initial consultation appointments for simple conditions lasts 30 minutes

Initial consultation of complex multisystem medical conditions 45 – 60 minutes

Follow up consultations for simple conditions are scheduled for 15 minutes

Follow-up of complex multisystem medical conditions last 30 minutes

How much does a consultation cost?

Initial Consultation                Fee                    Medicare Rebate              Gap

60 minutes                            $599.40                $249.40                         $350     

Subsequent Consultation

15 minutes                            $181.40                 $71.40                           $110

30 minutes                            $344.90                 $124.90                         $220

*fees are subject to change upon indexation from Medicare

How often will my child need to be seen?
That depends on your child’s condition. Some children are seen for an initial assessment only and do not need to return for a review. Other children need regular reviews to monitor their progress.
Can I ring to get a repeat perscription?

1. Please do not ring to request a repeat prescription.

  1. Please send through to us your request by email to Please include
  • your child full name
  • date of birth
  • the medication
  • the dose
  • where you would like the prescription sent, contact details (eg to the pharmacy)
  1. As a general rule, Dr Roberts does not repeat prescriptions without reviewing the patient.
  1. For children with ADHD, I ask to see the patient at a minimum every 6 months, generally coinciding with the need for a repeat prescription. Alternatively, I may arrange for the parent to contact me requesting a script at other time. For children with ADHD, the PBS has introduced new and more strict regulations governing repeat authority prescriptions for stimulant medicines. Please do not request a repeat prescription until
  1. you have picked up the last repeat of the previous prescription, and
  2. you have less than one month’s supply of the medicine on hand. Please be sure to question your pharmacist on these requirements before you contact us.


What if I need to talk to Dr Roberts between appointments?
In most cases Donna at reception will be able to help you with your enquiry. Alternatively email your enquiry to Dr Roberts will return your call or email as soon as he is able. Please be aware that this may take up to 48 hours.
What about my medical records?

Confidentiality – You child’s medical records are private and personal. The practice keeps them confidential, and will only release them with your consent. The only exception to this is a subpoena from the law courts.

Security – Your child’s records are stored electronically on site, and not in the cloud. The practice’s computer network is stand alone. 

Access – You, the parent, are entitled to have access to your child’s medical record. You can have recorded in the medical notes any addition, qualification, clarification or disagreement you chose.

Ownership – This is a confusing area. Your child’s medical record is electronic. The practice owns the computer, including the hard drive, and the electronic file. Your child owns the information in the file. As the parent, you take responsibility for the ownership of this information.

Transfer – In general, Dr Roberts does not transfer the patient’s medical records to anyone. We do send to other colleagues and clinicians his opinion, advice and plan of management upon request, and usually in the form of copies of correspondence.  

Reports – Dr Roberts does not generate reports on his patients, unless specifically asked to do so. His opinion, advice and plan of management are provided upon request, and usually in the form of copies of correspondence. A report can be commissioned if the parent wishes it. Usually there is a fee attached.

Instructions – With respect to the transfer of medical records, Dr Roberts only takes instructions from the parents of his patients.

Is there a Registration Form I can fill out before I arrive?

Yes there is and you can download it here.  Child Registration Form

What are your hours?

Monday 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Tuesday 09:00 – 5:00pm

Wednesday 09:00 – 2:00pm 

Thursday 09:00 – 2:00pm 

Friday CLOSED 




Do you send me a reminder SMS?

An SMS is sent 3 business days before the appointment. You are asked to SMS YES to confirm your appointment. We request 2 business days notice of cancellation or changes to your appointment (please refer to our cancellation policy). Our practice is under great stress at the moment due to the high demand  for appointments and failure to reply will result in your appointment being offered to another patient.

What is your cancellation policy?

Dr Roberts sees patients upon referral and by appointment only. We appreciate that life can be busy and schedules change. If you cannot attend your appointment, we ask you to:

  • contact us in office hours by telephone. We do not accept SMS, texts or emails cancelling or rescheduling appointments.
  • two business days’ notice, is required to cancel or amend your appointment (noting our office hours).

Unfortunately, breaches of this policy are common. Late cancellation outside of this policy will result in the full value of your appointment being charged. Payment must be made prior to rebooking your appointment. Non attendance and late cancellation fees are not rebated from Medicare. 

11th  hour problems can happen. Please pay us the courtesy of calling to inform us. We may be able to offer a tele-consultation instead.


Does Dr Roberts run on time?

Many patients have complex problems, which take time to properly address. Dr Roberts does spend the time to address these problems thoroughly. As a result he sometimes run behind.

Rest assured he would afford you the same thorough assessment of your child’s problem.

Please check with Donna the length of waiting time. We do endeavour to contact you should waiting times extend beyond an acceptable wait time.

Frequently Asked Questions