Meet the Team

Dr David Roberts MBBS MPH Dip Hum Biol DTM&H FRACP

David graduated from Sydney University in 1977, and completed postgraduate degrees at Oxford, Liverpool (UK) and Sydney. He was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 1988.

Whilst a junior resident, he had a delightful conversation with a 3-year-old boy in the Emergency Department at Royal North Shore Hospital. During the course of the conversation, he instilled local anaesthetic into his face, and sutured a nasty gash. The child did not blink an eyelid. His father told David that if he did not become a paediatrician then he would miss his true calling.

Since arriving in WA in 1990, David has practised paediatrics in the northern suburbs of Perth. As a consultant paediatrician, he sees children from birth to adulthood. Whilst he has an interest in developmental and behavioural problems (including autism), he enjoys seeing patients with all types of conditions. GP’s often refer children with difficult or complex problems. He has built a network of specialist clinicians with whom he works closely.

Practice manager Donna Spargo has worked with Dr Roberts since 1999.  She has two school age children and understands the juggles of parenting and the challenges you may be facing with your child.  As a parent she can empathise with all situations and is there to support you.  A close working relationship with Dr Roberts ensures any questions you have are answered quickly so as to provide best quality patient service.  Donna is supported in the office by Carol, who when not off traveling, helps on those busy afternoons and provides holiday relief.

Donna also ensures Dr Roberts gets his three coffees by 11am followed by his earl grey tea after lunch!!