What to Bring

  1. Please bring a valid referral.
  2. Also bring your Medicare card so you can claim the Medicare Rebate at the rooms.
  3. Personal Health Record (Infant purple book)
  4. Completed Child Registration Form
  5. Relevant X-rays and test results.
  6. If relevant any school reports, behavioural questionnaires, cognitive assessments, reports from allied health professionals, (i.e. speech pathologists, occupational     therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists)
  7. A list of your questions and concerns.
  8. Activities for the waiting room. Dr Roberts tries to run on time however on occasion you should be prepared for some short delays. The waiting room has facilities for     children, including a large fish tank with tropical fish, and a TV/DVD player wall mounted. There are a large variety of books for you to read to your child while you wait.
  9. Mother’s are welcome to breast-feed their babies. There are also toilet and change room facilities in the building if required.
  10. Dr Roberts would be very pleased if you would tell him a joke, or show him a magic trick.